Announcement: Lnfi Network Announces Upgrade for $TRICK & $TREAT Token Holders!

In light of the remarkable growth and achievements witnessed since the inception of Lnfi, including surpassing $100 million in total trading volume and amassing over 52,250 non-zero balance addresses, the focus has shifted towards elevating the value proposition for $TRICK and $TREAT token holders as we advance Lnfi towards a Layer 2.5 solution.

As a token of appreciation for our early supporters, who played a pivotal role in bootstrapping our community, over 8000 individuals were airdropped more than 20% of the total token supply of both $TRICK and $TREAT and each airdrop is worth ~$2,000 today (peaked at ~$10,000).

Acknowledging the necessity for greater utility and streamlined management, we have explored numerous avenues to empower our token holders. Existing utilities such as participation in Lightning Starter, voting rights, and access to in-protocol services like Lightning Gifts and Locking Assets have been instrumental in fostering community engagement.

Given the complexities presented by maintaining a dual token system, we carefully considered merging $TRICK and $TREAT into a unified secondary token, $TRICK & $TREAT. This consolidation was intended to amplify holders’ involvement in protocol revenue and trading rewards. However, after thorough consideration, we have chosen to pursue an even more transformative solution: a platform token swap.

This strategic move promises an unparalleled upgrade for our community. In this upcoming swap, $TRICK and $TREAT tokens will seamlessly transition into the prestigious Lnfi platform token. This evolution not only harmonizes the project’s goals with the community’s aspirations but also signifies a pivotal step towards a brighter future for all stakeholders.

The platform token grants holders entitlement to protocol revenue derived from diverse streams, including that of LN Exchange. ~80% of the total $TRICK and $TREAT supply will be subject to burning, further enhancing the value proposition of the platform token.

Details of this swap, including how to swap, will be communicated in a future announcement once the platform’s tokenomics are finalized.



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