Announcement: The FIRST DEX on Lightning Network — LN Exchange — Earn Points & Get Early Access

After extensive preparation and development efforts, we’re thrilled to unveil the following update — LN Exchange is coming! Get ready for thrilling campaigns to earn LN Points and swap for official platform tokens!

The first DEX on Lightning Network, LN Exchange is a vertically integrated, decentralised trading powerhouse featuring peer-to-peer trading, spot, and perpetuals, with a focus on Bitcoins and Taproot Assets.

About LN Exchange

LN Exchange is powered by Lnfi Network, a Layer 2.5, built at the intersection of open standards and network economies — Bitcoin network, Lightning Network, Taproot Assets, and the Nostr protocol. Bitcoin network provides battle-tested security for Bitcoin and issuance of Taproot Assets (alternative assets/tokens issued on Bitcoin). Lightning Network serves as the global, instant settlement network at zero/low fees. The Nostr protocol acts as the messaging layer, and specifically for our project, it enables users to submit their bid and ask orders to LN Exchange for order matching and execution, facilitating efficient trading processes.

(LN Exchange discussion will be hosted in Lnfi telegram)

LN Exchange — Earn LN Points in Upcoming Events

As we gear up for the imminent launch of LN Exchange, we’re excited to introduce our official platform token. This token is designed to incentivize holders’ engagement in protocol revenue and trading rewards. LN Points, $TRICK, and $TREAT can all be exchanged for this new token.

Dive into the details to learn more about this exciting development.

What are LN Points?

LN Points will be rewarded with official platform tokens at a designated future date. More information will be disclosed at a later date.

Here’s an overview of the upcoming phases and how LN Points can be earned.

Phase 1 — Starting from the week of 18 March 2024
Earn points and get a chance to gain Early Access to Phase 2

  • Complete Quests to rank on the Zealy leaderboard. Top ranks will earn LN points.
  • Trade on P2P Marketplace to earn LN points
  • Past Contributors LN points
    LN points will be awarded to past contributors of Lnfi.
    - P2P Marketplace Trading
    - Lighting Starter Fair Mint
    - Lock Assets
    - Lightning Gift

*Snapshot will be taken on 17 March 2024

Details on how to earn LN points and qualify for early access will be announced.

Phase 2 — Early Access

  • Trade Spot & Perpetual to earn LN points

Details to be announced

Phase 3 — Public Launch

  • Trade Spot & Perpetual to earn LN points
  • Invite traders and earn LN referral trading points

Details to be announced

Stay tuned for the week of 18 March 2024.



Lnfi Network (formerly NostrAssets)

A Unified Layer 2.5 to supercharge web3 and tokenization on Lightning Network with Taproot Assets, leveraging: Bitcoin, Lightning Network and Nostr