[Announcement] Unlocking LightningFi: Taproot Assets Go Live on Lnfi Network Mainnet!


Exciting News: Taproot Assets Mainnet Launch on Lnfi Network

Lightning Labs has recently unveiled Taproot Assets, sparking considerable interest and excitement among users. The enthusiasm to be among the pioneering individuals to engage with or possess a Taproot Asset is evident in our recent zealy campaign, which has seen more than 8,000 unique Nostr Addresses registering.

Furthermore, our integration partner, Alby Wallet has witnessed a surge in signups during our campaign period, with more than 6000 registrations, a marked increase compared to their prior weeks.

After months of relentless dedication, innovation, and rigorous testing, we are thrilled to announce the long-awaited launch of Taproot Assets on the Lnfi mainnet!

This monumental development brings an array of possibilities to the Taproot community and paves the way for a new era in decentralized finance.

Be among the first to experience Taproot Assets on Lnfi:

What Can You Do with Taproot Assets on Lnfi in this current version?

Although we’ve developed a comprehensive range of features for Taproot Assets, our approach is to introduce them progressively to the public.

This strategy guarantees that all features undergo rigorous testing before we introduce any new ones.

🟢Transfer Taproot Assets via Lnfi web client or other decentralized social messaging apps on Nostr:

Say goodbye to gas fees! You can now transfer your Taproot Assets directly to another Nostr address, swiftly and cost-effectively.

🟢Trade Taproot Assets on Lnfi Marketplace:

Dive into the world of trading with ease. You can now trade your Taproot Assets on the Lnfi marketplace using satoshis, making it simpler than ever to engage in asset exchange within the Nostr community.

You can deposit satoshis to your Nostr address using a Lightning Wallet such as Alby Wallet.

Note: Withdrawing Satoshis to your Lightning Wallet will not be available in this current release.

Why Choose Lnfi Network?

🟢Financialization of Taproot Assets and Bitcoins:

Lnfi opens the door to a wide array of financial operations, including sending, receiving, trading, and much more. It also supports a broad range of financial applications, such as decentralized exchanges (DEX), derivatives, fundraising, and more.

🟢Empowering Software Developers:

Lnfi provides software developers with the tools they need to create innovative products across various domains, from social platforms to gaming and beyond. This fosters real-world use cases and drives widespread adoption.

🟢Accruing Value to the Bitcoin and Lightning Network Ecosystem:

Lnfi enriches the value of the Bitcoin and Lightning Network ecosystem, creating a positive feedback loop that benefits all users.


Lnfi empowers composability and interoperability with natural language on Nostr. It serves as the bridge that connects diverse decentralized applications on Nostr, making them work seamlessly together. Users can simply use plain, conversational language to perform financial operations. For instance, you can say “transfer 100 sats to Bob” on a decentralized social messaging app (e.g. Damus, Iris, etc.) to initiate a transaction, making the experience user-friendly and accessible.

Natural Language commands: [Link]
Marketplace commands: [Link]
Chat-to-Trade Setup Guide: [Link]

Recommended Nostr Clients for Chat-to-Trade:
Damus (iOS)
Amethyst (Android)
Plebstr (iOS & Android)
Primal.net (Web)

What’s next for Lnfi Network?

🟢Import Taproot Assets from Other Daemon Universes:
(The feature will be released in the future update)

Lnfi will enable you to seamlessly import Taproot Assets from other Daemon Universes, such as the Lightning Lab Universe and others. This means you can access and manage your assets from various sources, all within the Nostr ecosystem.

🟢Receive/Send Taproot Assets In/Out of Nostr
(The feature will be released in the future update)
Receiving Taproot Assets to your Nostr Address or Sending them out. This feature will be available in future updates.

🟢And two exciting new functions that are upcoming:
Issue Assets and Launching Fair Mint forTaproot Assets.

More information to be released soon. Stay Tuned!

Our Vision for Lnfi Network

Beyond driving user adoption into the Bitcoin ecosystem, Lnfi is committed to delivering Taproot Assets to users around the world. We provide developer-ready modules, making it easy for developers to seamlessly integrate and build user-friendly decentralized applications, catering to a wide range of business-centric utilities.

We invite you to join us on this thrilling journey as we embark on this new chapter in the world of decentralized finance. The possibilities are endless, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for Taproot Assets on Lnfi.

Get started today and experience the future of decentralized finance with Lnfi.

Learn More: doc.nostrassets.com

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and developments!

And…last but not least …

TRICK OR TREAT! Winners, It’s time to claim your Taproot Assets Airdrop

🎃 Welcome to the Spooky Lnfi Extravaganza! 🎃

Are you ready to embark on a Halloween adventure like no other? As the moon rises high in the eerie night sky, it’s time for some spine-tingling fun and digital rewards. But beware, for the Taproot spirits are watching, and they’re asking, “Have you been a good boy or girl in the Taproot world?”

Gather ‘round, Taproot enthusiasts, as we invite you to choose your fate. In the spirit of “trick or treat,” you’re about to make a decision that will determine your cryptocurrency destiny. Will you choose the path of ‘Trick’ or ‘Treat’ this Halloween season?

🧙‍♂️ ‘Trick’ — Dare to dance with the dark side of Taproot. Navigate the treacherous waters of LightningFi, and perhaps you’ll unlock secret tokens or embark on a thrilling adventure of risk and reward.

🍭 ‘Treat’ — For those who’ve been the model citizens of the Taproot realm, a sweet surprise awaits. Your Taproot karma might just bring you a delightful treat — airdrop tokens that’ll make your Halloween spooktacular.

However, beware, for this airdrop is only open to those whose Nostr addresses have been whitelisted. You must have passed the scrutiny of our Taproot ghouls and goblins to be eligible for this exclusive treat. Only the brave, the diligent, and the wise shall receive their rewards.

So, are you ready to embark on this haunted Taproot journey?

The choice is yours, my fellow Taproot adventurers. Trick or treat your way to your digital destiny, and may your Halloween night be filled with Taproot magic! 🌙👻💰

How to claim your Taproot Asset Airdrop

1) Your Nostr Address must be whitelisted.
(After you have taken part in our Zealy campaign, a strict verification process have been done, and only Nostr address that are announced here are qualified and are whitelisted)

Check if your Nostr address qualifies: [Link]

IMPORTANT: Please claim your assets latest by 30 Nov 2023 0000 UTC +8.
Failure to do before the date so will deem as you have forfeit the airdrop.

2) Go to the Lnfi Mainnet website & connect your Nostr address via the Alby Chrome extension.

3) Go to the Airdrop Page.

4) ‘Trick’ or ‘Treat’? You may select 1 option only.

Once you have selected, the respective Taproot Asset will be sent directly to your Nostr Address. The eligible amount for your Nostr address will be displayed.

(eg. If you select ‘Trick’, you will receive TRICK, and vice versa if you select TREAT)

5) You may check your asset on the NostrAsset Asset Dashboard after confirmation.

You may need to wait a few seconds or refresh the browser.

6) And that’s it! You now have Taproot Assets on your Nostr address.

You can invite your friends onto Nostr and transfer them some Taproot Assets. You can also experiment with Lnfi marketplace listings, which will require satoshis.

To learn more, visit our user guide on doc.nostrassets.com.

About ‘TRICK’ or ‘TREAT’ Taproot Assets

TRICK or TREAT assets are created by Lnfi, with the aim of enabling more people around the globe to have access to Taproot Assets. As a leading pioneer in Taproot Assets, Lnfi allows users to send, receive, transfer, and trade Taproot Assets on our platform.

The team at Lnfi is continuously working on enhancing the user experience with exciting features, including the ability to create, mint, and many other fantastic functions. Users can anticipate a comprehensive, one-stop access point for all things related to Taproot Assets in the near future.


🎃TRICK ASSET ID e24574fd22b81230af6764617d37a2ec588679929516c4231292319e725d9d5c






The use of these tokens is strictly intended for testing, trial, or recreational purposes only. It holds no intrinsic value and should not be considered a financial instrument or investment. Users are advised to approach it with the understanding that it is solely for experimental or entertainment purposes.

It is important to note that, like any emerging technology, there may be unforeseen risks associated with the use of this token. The protocol behind these tokens and their creators disclaims any responsibility for any losses, damages, or unforeseen consequences that may arise from their use. Users engage with this token at their own risk and should exercise caution when exploring its capabilities.

By proceeding and using these tokens, you acknowledge that you do so voluntarily and are aware of the potential risks involved. You agree not to hold the protocol, its developers, or any affiliated parties liable for any adverse outcomes that may result from your interaction with this token. Please use these tokens responsibly and be aware of the limitations and potential risks associated with their use.



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