TNA Protocol Fair Mint Concludes: Lnfi Network Invites More Builders to Join the Rocket Ship of Innovation! 🚀

After an exhilarating Phase 1 & Phase 2, we are thrilled to announce the triumphant conclusion of the $TNA Fair Mint! Eligible winners may now claim their rewards at

$TNA Phase 3 ends on 26 Jan 10AM UTC+8.
Market Listing of $TNA to be announced. Stay tuned.

This achievement would not have been possible without the unwavering support of our dedicated community and the trust bestowed upon us by TNA Protocol, a testament to their confidence in selecting Lnfi as the trusted platform for this groundbreaking asset launch.

$TNA Fair Mint Statistics

Let’s delve into the key statistics that showcase the success of the $TNA Fair Mint:

A total of 20,857 Nostr addresses participated in the $TNA Fair Mint.

*Approximately 10.8% of $NOSTR (~2,270,000) Token Supply allocated to $NOSTR Community Fund, Nostr Ecosystem Fund, and Team were not locked but were factored in the calculation hence a lower percentage value.

Future-Forward: Building Beyond Boundaries to Redefine Web3 Possibilities with Lnfi.

In selecting the TNA Protocol to join our Lightning Starter Fair Mint, we affirm its significance as a groundbreaking project on Bitcoin. The TNA Protocol integrates utility into Taproot Name Assets, functioning as programmable name assets and setting itself apart from the current trend of meme coins.

Similar to Ethereum Name Service (ENS), TNA’s Tapnames serves as a gateway connecting the fragmented Bitcoin ecosystem. Serving as a crucial component, Tapnames simplify complex addressing systems, enhancing user-friendliness on the Lightning Network and throughout the Bitcoin ecosystem.

TNA Protocol’s commitment to genuine practicality sets it apart, showcasing its pivotal role in Bitcoin. For a comprehensive understanding, refer to their whitepaper.

Believing profoundly in the power of collaboration and innovation, we eagerly seek partnerships with visionary teams akin to the TNA Protocol, aligning with our commitment to excellence.

Inviting Builders for Collaboration!

We’re thrilled to invite our builder community to leverage the robust infrastructure of Lnfi. Our platform offers a one-stop solution for the seamless issuance, distribution, transfer, and trading of Taproot Assets.

We welcome projects interested in issuing Taproot Assets for various purposes, such as governance, asset-backed initiatives, operational needs, value transfer, transparency, and more.

Consider a gaming project looking to enhance its in-game economy. By issuing their in-game currency as Taproot Assets, the project can facilitate seamless transfers and trading of this currency among players on Lnfi. This not only provides a transparent and secure way for users to engage with in-game assets but also unlocks new possibilities for the gaming ecosystem.

If you’re ready to embark on this exciting journey with us, please express your interest by filling out the application here:



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