Unveiling TNA Protocol: The Essential Name Service for the Bitcoin Ecosystem

We are thrilled to announce our first external project for the Fair Mint campaign on Lightning Starter — TNA Protocol. TNA, an acronym for Taproot Name Assets, introduces a groundbreaking protocol for issuing and managing programmable Bitcoin name assets.

Tapping into Innovation: The Essence of TNA Protocol

After meticulous scrutiny of numerous projects, we’ve chosen TNA Protocol as the maiden project for our Fair Mint on Lightning Starter. The protocol redefines the landscape with Taproot Name Assets, offering a unique approach to Bitcoin’s programmable name assets. Domain names are not a new concept. Name services serve as essential infrastructure in the blockchain realm, as exemplified by Ethereum Name Service (ENS). Similar to ENS, Tapnames within TNA Protocol plays a pivotal role in simplifying complex addressing systems, providing users with a more user-friendly and accessible experience on the Lightning Network and the broader Bitcoin ecosystem. Furthermore, Tapnames transcend the conventional use cases of typical name services to achieve genuine practicality in this emerging ecosystem. Additional details are outlined in their whitepaper.

$TNA Tokenomics: A Dive into Distribution and Fair Mint Participation Guidelines

Team and Advisors — 10%
Future Private Sale — 10%
Community Treasury — 30%
Airdrop Giveaway — 20%
Ecosystem — 15%
Lightning Starter — 15%

15% of the total $TNA supply will be dedicated to Lightning Starter for fair minting. Participants are required to lock $TRICK, and/or $TREAT or $NOSTR into one of the twelve zodiac launch pools.

Among these, two pools — one assigned a single hexadecimal character and another with two hexadecimal characters — demand locking exclusively with the token from the preceding Fair Mint, namely $NOSTR.

This commitment symbolizes a dedication to chain support, nurturing the growth of the NostrAssets ecosystem. The remaining 10 launch pools will necessitate locking $TRICK and $TREAT. This established practice will persist, with $TNA required for locking in two pools for our upcoming Fair Mint.

$TNA Fair Mint Rules

Total $TNA Supply:

Total $TNA Supply allocated to Fair Mint Campaign:

Total $TNA Reward per Winner:
3,600 (first 5,000 winners),
1,800 (second 5,000 winners),
900 (last 5,000 winners)

Maximum Winners:
15,000 or more

Winners per Block:

Number of Blocks / Lottery Draw Period:
~300 Blocks / ~2.1 days

Important: One Nostr Address can only participate in one pool.

Read Lightning Starter’s updated rules:

$TNA Fair Mint Timeline

Phase 1:
Participation: Starts on 12 Jan 2024, spanning 2 consecutive days
Refund of 50% of locked $TRICK, $TREAT and $NOSTR: (TBA)

Phase 2:
Lottery Draw: To Be Announced (TBA)
Starting Bitcoin’s Block Number: To Be Announced (TBA
Refund of 50% of locked $TRICK, $TREAT and $NOSTR: (TBA)

Phase 3:
Rewards Redemption: To Be Announced (TBA)

Unclaimed rewards will be refunded to $TNA team

Drawing from our previous Fair Mint experience, we anticipate a tighter timeline for the list of events for $TNA Fair Mint.

To ensure a seamless claiming process for our winners, $TNA won’t be tradable on the Marketplace immediately. Stay tuned for the official listing announcement of $TNA on the Marketplace.

Fortifying Commitment: 200,000 $TRICK and $TREAT Locked for Project and Community Welfare

To underscore the TNA team’s unwavering commitment to the project and the welfare of $TNA holders, a combined sum of 200,000 $TRICK and $TREAT will undergo a six-month lockup period. This lockup will occur in a Nostr public npub address, ensuring absolute transparency as the address details will be publicly disclosed.

Pioneering a Paradigm with NostrAssets: Fair Minting and Community Building

In an effort to leverage (i) Lightning Starter as a platform for aiding projects in bootstrapping a community from day 1 and (ii) NostrAssets Marketplace in facilitating a price discovery process for the underlying token, NostrAssets allows a process for validation of the product-market fit before the project team engaging in any private fundraising rounds.

This unconventional sequence — commencing with a (free) public phase before progressing to private investment — deviates from the typical pre-seed, seed, private, strategic, and public fundraising sequence. This could potentially lead to a win-win for all participants — NostrAssets, Project Team (in this case, TNA), and other stakeholders — investors, fair minters, and the broader Bitcoin ecosystem.

As we embark on this innovative journey with TNA Protocol, Lightning Starter continues to be the torchbearer of fair and transparent minting experiences, shaping the future of programmable assets on the Bitcoin main net. Stay tuned for more updates and happy minting!

About TNA Protocol

TNA is a protocol for issuing and managing Tapnames — Bitcoin-native name assets based on the Taproot Assets Protocol and designed to enable easy integration with the Lightning Network.

Official Links

Website: https://tna-btc.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TNA_Protocol
Medium: https://medium.com/@tna-protocol
Telegram: https://t.me/tnaofficial

Whitepaper: https://tna-btc.gitbook.io/tna-whitepaper-2/

About NostrAssets Protocol

NostrAssets Protocol is an open-source decentralized financial infrastructure built on Nostr Protocol and secured by Lightning Network. Fundamentally, it allows users to send, receive, and trade digital assets within the Nostr Protocol. But more importantly, by leveraging the capabilities of Lightning Network and Nostr Protocol, NostrAssets empowers developers to build more business-centric utilities that are not limited by the inherent issues of blockchain to achieve complete decentralization and data transparency, while mirroring the performance of traditional apps.

Official Links

Website: https://nostrassets.com/
Mainnet: https://mainnet.nostrassets.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/nostrassets
Medium: https://nostrassets.medium.com/
Telegram: https://t.me/nostrassets

Gitbook: https://doc.nostrassets.com/
Github: https://github.com/nostrassets/interface#readme



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