Update on $NOSTR: Initiating Community Initiated Management

In line with the core principle of $NOSTR as an ownerless asset, we are empowering $NOSTR asset owners to take the lead in steering the direction and development of the Nostr ecosystem.

This new approach involves two categories:

Community Fund:

Unclaimed $NOSTR will serve as incentives for the $NOSTR community to establish and independently manage a community dedicated to propelling the asset’s growth.

The NostrAssets team will maintain a hands-off approach, allowing the community full autonomy in its decisions.

As part of the early consideration for forming the $NOSTR community, we will invite $NOSTR asset owners based on various factors:

  • $NOSTR holdings
  • Key Opinion Leader
  • Community Management Experience
  • Active Contribution to NostrAssets Community
  • Geographical Location

This comprehensive approach ensures a diverse and qualified group of individuals contributing to the development and growth of the $NOSTR community.

$NOSTR Community Fund Nostr Address: npub1tnhxcngrfehfhher9svcx94f62gcsru6yyr3sqx2wgv4ntjrs63s95x8xg

Fund Amount:
170,100.00 $NOSTR

Ecosystem Fund:

We are set to establish the Nostr Ecosystem Fund, utilizing the 5% originally allocated for the Nostr Protocol projects. This fund is designed to support promising Nostr projects with the potential to significantly contribute to the growth of the ecosystem.

In a commitment to transparency and inclusivity, we plan to gradually invite business experts, technical professionals, and community representatives to form a voting committee.

NostrAssets will be part of this voting committee.

This committee will play a crucial role in collectively deciding on the allocation of the fund, ensuring a diverse range of perspectives and expertise are considered.

By involving key stakeholders, we aim to foster a collaborative and informed decision-making process that aligns with the best interests of the Nostr ecosystem.

$NOSTR Ecosystem Fund Nostr Address:

Fund Amount:
1,000,000.00 $NOSTR

Past Records:
Donated to Damus: 50,000 $NOSTR

This proactive approach aligns with our commitment to decentralization and community-driven governance, fostering a collaborative environment where the community plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of Nostr.

We estimate this to be completed within Q1. We look forward to the community’s active participation and the positive impact it will have on the continued growth and success of Nostr.

About $NOSTR

Total $NOSTR Circulating Supply:

The $NOSTR token is completely independent of the Nostr protocol & has no association with it.

  • Community-Driven Ticker: The ticker name $NOSTR was chosen through NostrAssets community voting.
  • Non-Exclusive Naming: Taproot Assets’ names are not unique or exclusive on the Bitcoin mainnet, allowing for the issuance of assets with the same name but different unique asset IDs.
  • Ownerless Asset: $NOSTR is an ownerless asset.

Additionally, it’s essential to note that $NOSTR is simply an ownerless token without any inherent utility.



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